Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some new Stuff...

Here are a few items I have listed that didnt sell on Ebay up for grabs if you are interested... Let me know ok..Aqua colored scarf with white fringes. Either boy or girl.. I love the color of it really.

12.00 dollars and that includes shipping..

These two are his and hers. I made these for a girl I worked with last winter and she quit McD's before I could get them to her. I was asking 10.00 a piece for them individually. But if you want you can or I am just looking at a flat 15.00 and that includes shipping..

This one I would say more of a man's colors but woman can wear it too. Its brown with yellow and grey. The headband is sort of wide though.. I was just learning how wide to put them.. Looking at 10.00 for it and that includes shipping..

Here is a handmade bag great for the library or the beach but most of us live where its too cold for the beach but its washable and it does stretch. But its X-mas colors so I thought why not..

Other wise most of these have been posted on here for along while now. I do ship all over so if you dont live here please feel free to contact me on things you like. My wash rags are still here and the baby bibs, and blankets. Those are a little heavier to mail so you might like to e-mail me on shipping on those. These will buy my girls there x-mas gifts I am planning actually. They arent getting much this year from us..


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Snowie is a delightful cat!

Thanks for visiting Nick's Bytes!

rauf said...

i wonder how these beautiful designs are not sold. So many blind people with normal vision in the world.

Hi Tweetey How are you ? Hope you are doing fine.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow those are very nice. Have you tried craigslist? I've had good luck on there.

Great job!

Vest said...

itsthatmanagain said...
Tweety you have too many blogs. Your sedentary life style sitting at the computer is why your ass is so huge and your housework is being avoided and every thing around you has begun to smell.
Move miss broadbeam.

4:10 PM

Vest said...

Tweety: Try walking to S V D's with a pile of books on your head.
develope some poise. double up on salads and fish and cut down on red meat, spuds and bread. forget the bus or car, ride a bike for those short journeys.
You may need to purchase a 'Three wheeler' fitted with a carrier. good luck.