Sunday, December 28, 2008

The girls projects

Hi there. Here are what the girls are working on for my blog.. LOL.. They are magnets. I say 2.00 a piece.. They are pretty cool. They are made of beads and then melted together with an iron. A neighbor got the girls hooked and I bought them some more beads for X-mas and I have been helping them..

Enjoy and let me know what you would like and how many via e-mail..

Here are 3 lizards.. One is missing an arm but that was my fault when I first ironed him together..

2 turtles..

1 fish, 1 frog, and 1 star.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Items. I have had them for a while but forgot to post them...

Bag number two. I made this one right after I made the first one. Its a bit smaller but it does the same thing. Groceries, beach, diaper bag if need one.

Crib size blanket. Just big enough for the crib mattress. Asking 45 dollars for it because I used spare yarn sitting around the house. I didnt buy and special yarn for this one.

I dont have the dimensions for this one but it fits Bri's bed. Its a twin size. Asking 75 dollars for it.

Bag One.. I made this about two months ago after looking at how my MIL made hers. I am asking 15 dollars for it. Its green and red. Its greatly used for shopping or going to the beach. It doesnt have inside pockets but I could probably put some in for extra of course. They are pretty neat bags..

Monday, March 31, 2008

Mint Candy Anybody..

Its length is 60 by width 57. I am looking at 120 dollars for it. Its dark Sage, red, white and light blue..

Queen size ripple. It makes me think of waves. The blue water and white froth as the waves break and then dark navy blue around the edges.. I am asking 125.00 dollars for it. Its beautiful.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Blue Ripple...

Blue Ripple with a Dark Windsor Blue Bubble around the pointy edges and single crochet along the straight edges.. Looking at 75 dollars for it. Its about 45x57 inches. Same blanket just two different angles..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This one is not for sale but just posting the pattern. I think its beautiful. I woul have to charge up to 180 dollars to repeat this pattern. You can use any colors you want. You would need 9 balls for the main color and five each of the other two colors at least. This pattern is called something Chocolate Squares.

Another angle of the same blanket. Its 54X58 inches.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This one I have yet and is queen size and I am asking 175 for it. Its a single stitch with a ripple design.

This one also is not for sale. But its my past work. And I can repeat it if neccessary. Its a baby blanket and to repeat these two I would need at least 75 dollars a piece.

Not for sale but here is some of my past work. This one is a diamond stitch. Really pretty really.

I have more under this post old posts I will go back through and edit.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Items...

Jeff calls this my Cat in the Hat combo. A matching Scarf and Hat set... I made the hat to fit an adult this time. so I am looking at 20 dollars for the set..

Round Rug.. My first attempt at something round.. 29 inches across. and I am looking at 15 for it.

My first square rug. 26x23 and looking at 15 for it.

Who Says your X-mas stockings have to red and white????LOL... They are all for sale and I will have dimensions for the rugs and the scarf tomorrow. 10 dollars each..