Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Items. I have had them for a while but forgot to post them...

Bag number two. I made this one right after I made the first one. Its a bit smaller but it does the same thing. Groceries, beach, diaper bag if need one.

Crib size blanket. Just big enough for the crib mattress. Asking 45 dollars for it because I used spare yarn sitting around the house. I didnt buy and special yarn for this one.

I dont have the dimensions for this one but it fits Bri's bed. Its a twin size. Asking 75 dollars for it.

Bag One.. I made this about two months ago after looking at how my MIL made hers. I am asking 15 dollars for it. Its green and red. Its greatly used for shopping or going to the beach. It doesnt have inside pockets but I could probably put some in for extra of course. They are pretty neat bags..