Saturday, February 05, 2011

Customer Service

Hi all. How many of you work on Customer Service in your shops? I have been trying to perfect that in my shop since day one since I started on Etsy!!

I try and get back to people as fast as I can since I was a stay at home mom but now I work/ed full time for a temp agency and I am back to being a mom and wife again. I could use some more sales of course like anyone but I want my customers to be happy with the service I provide in answering questions and getting back to them as quickly as I can.

I think you all know what I am talking about. Its like Jeff and I walked into Dicks Sporting Goods today and looked at a weight machine he really liked and there was no one to ask Questions. We stood there for like 10 minutes looking stupid and no one came to ask if we needed help and we finally walked out saying they werent getting out business again.

I see it if you want good business you have to have good customer service. You want a returning customer you have to see what she/he needs. Its the pits when places treat you like crap and then expect you to come back as returning customers?? I dont think so..

So I have been really good about checking my e-mail lots of times during the day when I am home. but when its time for me to sleep I check my e-mail lots of time when I am awake.

My other blog tells about what is going on in my life and this one keeps my crafts above float..

here is my latest afghan but it sold about a week after I posted it to a friend of mine.. they have bought four afghans from me now..

It went for 220.00.. the 20.00 for was for shipping it.. I wish I had the patients to teach other children how to crochet. I have this lady interested in some knitting needles I have and she is going to teach some local children in her area how to knit.. I think that is a great idea.

I am blabbering again. Sorry.. but have a wonderful day and weekend... if you are packer fans out there Go Pack go tomorrow..