Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reposting items....

Hi there reposting the items. I have people saying they are having problems seeing the photos on here. I dont know whats wrong. Lets see if this helps any.

40 dollars for this one... Its a double Crochet with granny squares sewed together.

Bibs 5 dollars a piece.. single crochet to make these.

40 dollars for the blanket.. double crochet stitch and more granny squares sewed together.

175 dollars. A queen Size afghan.. single stitch in a ripple design.

25 dollars for set.. single and double crochet for this one. I did two rows of single and three rows of Double.

Hope you all can see these now. I am sorry for the inconvience.. I just transferred them from the original blog to this one and not thinking. I can see them when I click on my link but I dont know why you guys and gals cant. Well let me know if this is better.

I will take closer photo's later on today. But here is what I have for now. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Post for Crafting

I am going to leave this one up top till the First in case any of you are interested in what I have here. I know many of you dont have babies in the house but you may know someone that is having a baby or what not. Thanks again for the idea.

Hi there. I was told by one of my readers in my last post to post some of my work. I dont know exactly what she was thinking but here we go. I measured some of them. If any of you are interested in buying for X-mas that would be great.. LOL.. I can make more but of course I need more yarn. And that is one thing that isnt cheap anymore here at least. Well here we go.

this one is 28x26 1/2. And if were to be sold I would have to have at least ten dollars for it plus shipping and handling.

49 x 31. if to be sold would have to charge at least 20 dollars plus shipping and handling. SOLD!!!!!!!!

26 x 26 and if to be sold would have to charge 10 dollars plus shipping and handling.

and if to be sold something like 2 or 3 dollars a piece plus shipping and handling.

I have to say the same for here. 2 or 3 dollars a piece plus shipping and handling. I am not trying to make my blog into a store but if any of you are interested this would be great. One more photo of things I have made. SOLD!!

I would have to say 3 dollars each for these. If they had the hats to match I would go for like 7 dollars for the pair but could never figure out how to do the hats. The hats I made for the girls I dont think boys would wear them if I did them in blue or dark greens... LOL.. Anyway guys and gals. This is what I have done for now. Let me know via e-mail if you would like what I have here and I can get them to you but the only thing I ask first is that I get your MO or check first please. I am not real trust worthy when it comes to stuff like this. Like I said I dont want to make this into a blog all about making money or I will lose my friends. I dont want that but I will do this once in a while for either spare cash or now like X-mas is coming up.

Thanks Candy for the idea. Here we go then. I have to say Jeff and I are doing better since over the weekend. We do need sometime out together but we have no spare cash right now. So maybe either this can go for a night out or some cheap presents for the girls..LOL... Lets see what happens.

Here is one more afghan. I had to put it on our Queen size bed to get a good photo of it. So now you know it fits a Queen size bed. I am asking at least 135 for it plus shipping and handling. This was one of my first ripple afghans I made. I have made plenty more since then of course but if you are interested let me know. Thanks.

Another scarf I just whipped up. I would say about 12 dollars for it if interested..

These belong to my mom and I will give her information to you if interested in these. She is looking at 40 dollars a piece for them. If you are interested in these e-mail me and I will give you her home phone number and e-mail address. She works with Pay Pal instead of checks and money orders. Thanks Tweets.

Here is a scarf and matching headband I whipped up over the weekend. I took two photo's just to show it from two different angles. The headband fits Kora's head but it could be stretched to fit an adult I believe. the scarf is 8 x 44 inches long. Scarf is lime yellow,brown and grey. I didnt get the yellow in the photo. I would like at least 20 for it. I think I did a great job. Thanks guys and guys.