Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Prices...

Hi there.. I have a post about my Etsy shop today.. I have to wonder if many of you are right about that.. But you know what It makes me wonder whats up.. I try and try to sell stuff and be a good business woman. I try to compete with others and try to keep my prices reasonable..

I have been told many times by many of you that my prices are too low.. Well here is my break down of how I do things.. I know many of you dont think about this in the terms I do and maybe you will see how I do this when I tell you how I do this..

I price my items how much money I spend on the yarn, thread, cotton what ever I am using yes.. If I dont use a whole skien of yarn I budge accordingly.. If I use half a skein of yarn of each color I use then I use one half of the price I spent on the yarn. and then I give myself what ever I spent on time to make that item.

Then shipping I dont include my shipping in any of my retail prices.. I use shipping as shipping. I put down like 5.00 dollars. that incldes boxes, packaging, bubble wrap, bubble wrap envelopes.. and shipping itself. Shipping is shipping and it comes with a cost of things. I dont see shipping as part of my tool to make my items. I think of as shipping to pay the mail man to give my items to another person that wants my items..

And my photo's have been complained about.. I have tried fixing them with a new camera. I got a new camera for my b-day back in January.. I dont have 300.00 for a great camera. I have my Kodak Easy Share camera and that is what I have.. I use what I have. I want the business and I want the feed back.. I am sorry some of you arent happy with my shop and my photo's and my prices.. I try and its hard to make ends meet on Etsy. I could never make it my business to crochet all my life for a shop like this.

its been a hobby since I started crocheting when i was 19 years old and has been a hobby since. I just want more people to keep what I make for many years to come and enjoy what products I have.. Its not easy trying to compete with some one that has the same product and they get the sale and you wonder what the hell you did wrong.. Well I know what I am doing wrong and I want you people to read this..

I want the feed back on this post also. so if you have opinions give them please. Thanks for reading and I appreciate the business that I have gotten from those of you who have bought from me.. N